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Being accused, suspected, or charged with a sex crime is a incredibly serious and can have serious and lasting repercussions

Sex crimes are forms of human sexual behavior that are crimes. Some sex crimes are crimes of violence that involve sex such as rape, lust murder and other forms of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Others are violations of social taboos, such as child sexual abuse, incest, indecent exposure or exhibitionism. Other sex crimes include statutory rape, spousal rape, human trafficking, making obscene telephone calls, sexual harassment and prostitution /pimping.

Probable Penalties & Consequences
Penalties for sex offenses are tough and consequences vary on the crime type committed. Most involve long prison sentences, and if convicted, you may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. California Penal Code § 290.46, specifies posting categories of registered sex offenders for purposes of disclosure on the Megan’s Law Internet web site.

Sex crime charges are often personal and sensitive. In order to successfully defend a sex offense, Mark Waecker will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts. The sooner you call or have someone call on your behalf, the sooner he can begin working on a customized defense.  Free Consultation 24/7,  (866) 655-8282

If Arrested or Jailed
Here is where it is of utmost importance to remember to exercise your right to remain silent and make no statement whatsoever, except that you want to talk to your attorney.

Many of Mark Waeckers clients have sought his legal guidance immediately following an arrest, while still incarcerated. Those clients use the clock to their advantage, as time is still on their side. Acting quickly and efficiently, Mark Waecker will use assertive strategies to have cases dismissed or substantially reduce potential consequences.

If Contacted by the Police
First and foremost, absolutely exercise your right to remain silent at all times, under all circumstances. Many cases are prosecuted when clients, contacted by a law enforcement agent, mistakenly believe that they can talk their way out of the situation.  Challenging the skill and training of a law enforcement officer by attempting to discuss your case with them is never a good idea. Instead, immediately assert your right to remain silent and call Mark Waecker directly, or have someone else make the call for you.

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