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Probation is supervised by the Court or a probation officer. Parole is always supervised by a parole officer. A State Board of Probation and Parole Authority generally governs the release of offenders from confinement by means of parole or conditional release. The Authority determines whether placement in a residential facility, community release center or on electronic monitoring is appropriate. The Authority establishes special conditions in order to address an offender’s specific needs, ultimately reducing risk and improving success under supervision. The board conducts investigations and provides information to the governor on all applications for pardons, commutations of sentence, reprieves or restorations of citizenship.

Probable Penalties & Monitoring Conditions
The penalty for a violation of probation can me the balance of the maximum term not yet served. Violations of Parole are usually 1 year for each violation. Probation and parole staff coordinate and manage a continuum of community based programs and employ a variety of supervision services to improve public safety and offender success. The following programs are designed to provide additional treatment, intervention, sanctions and structure for offenders: Electronic monitoring; Contract residential facilities; Targeted outpatient substance abuse treatment; Targeted mental health treatment; Targeted employment services; Cognitive skills development classes; Community sex offender treatment and registration; Day report centers.

Representing Clients Charged with Crimes
Clients who have been arrested and charged should act immediately in order to prevent the charges from expanding and other jurisdictions from filing additional charges.

Mark Waecker’s committed team uses the most advanced scientific technique and modern technology to perform investigations, witness interviews, and evidence analysis in order to ensure the best criminal defense available, custom designed for each client.

Mark Waecker’s commitment to superior performance and results consistently achieves favorable settlements or dismissals.

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