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Our offices deliver unparalleled, professional and dedicated services to clients under investigation, or those arrested and charged with a crime. We respectfully handle each case so the matter may be resolved effectively, quickly, and quietly.


Frequently, a client will know that a crime has been committed or is aware that he or she is being investigated. This is the optimal time to seek legal advice. Immediate action can enable the client to avoid charges altogether or, in many cases, achieve early settlement before the prosecution has an opportunity to gather additional evidence and make an arrest.
Mark Waecker will work resourcefully and diligently; contacting prosecutors and law enforcement agents to expedite the case resolution.


Whether representing clients before charges are filed or after an arrest, Mark Waecker uses aggressively designed strategies to terminate the prosecution of his clients.
Thorough investigation, meticulous case preparation, cutting edge technological and scientific techniques, and an expert team of private forensic investigators to support his clients’ cases.
Mark Waecker has represented clients, each with a custom designed line of attack for resolution, in California, Chicago, Honolulu, New York, Oregon, and Connecticut state and federal courts.
Mark Waecker will work resourcefully and diligently, contacting prosecutors and law enforcement agents to further expedite the case and resolve the legal matter effectively.
With 30 years of aggressive litigation experience, Mark Waecker has earned respect and a solid rapport within the legal community and can provide the benefits of his experience with reliable support and attentiveness.


Clients who have been arrested and charged should act immediately in order to prevent the charges from expanding and other jurisdictions from filing additional charges.
Mark Waecker’s committed team uses the most advanced scientific technique and modern technology to perform investigations, witness interviews, and evidence analysis in order to ensure the best criminal defense available, custom designed for each client.
Mark Waecker’s commitment to superior performance and results consistently achieves favorable settlements or dismissals.

Criminal Trial Practice: Practice Areas
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