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Legal Fees: News and Updates

When you know you need a qualified criminal defense attorney, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask hiring is, “What will this cost?”
While the criminal process is itself extremely diverse, complicated and “unfriendly” to the client, Mark Waecker has been working inside the criminal process for over 35 continuously reputable years. The criminal process contains many “built-in” rights (that clients are sometimes unaware of) all skillfully integrated by Mark in his custom-designed defenses.
Some cases require more court appearances and demand more extensive preparation, identifying important pretrial issues, and bringing appropriate motions which might significantly improve a your situation. Sometimes your case will go to trial and Mark will be representing you in court. There are many areas that make up the expenses of defending your case. These include court fees, travel, investigators and expert witnesses.
Since each defense handled by Mark, is custom-designed, each legal fee is also unique to the client and the services required to successfully defend them. Mark’s fees are, in some cases, as low as $1,500.00 and, in appropriate cases, financing may be arranged.  The first consultation with Mark is at no charge. Mark also accepts most major credit cards. Please contact Mark for a brief discussion of your case and a fee quote.

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