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Case: Elderly pedestrian struck by a car exiting a narrow street causing right shoulder injuries and related soft-tissue injuries.

Result: Underlying policy of the defendant driver of $20,000.00 was paid along with the balance of the U.M. benefits ($80,000.00 without litigation).

Case: Man operated a van who had the right-of-way at an intersection struck “head on” by a left turning vehicle causing the offending vehicle to catch on fire and propel the van. The van was caught by fence before tumbled over an embankment and down to a lower highway. Plaintiff’s driver suffered a fractured leg and other related injuries.

Result: Driver’s claim was settled within 75 days for the policy limits of $250,000.00.


Offense: Client arrested as a key member of $25 million international drug conspiracy facing mandatory 20 years federal prison sentence with multi-million dollars in fines.
Settlement: No jail. House arrest for one year allowing client to work.

Offense: Client arrested in multi-million dollar, international cocaine smuggling organization. Eighty-five kilos of cocaine seized with $2.3 million in cash where client was photographed and videotaped handling boxes of cocaine. Client offered mandatory ten year prison sentence.
Settlement: Jury trial — not guilty.

Offense: Client charged in international software piracy case facing ten year plus jail and multi-million dollar fines.
Settlement: Jury trial — Not guilty on all seven counts.


Offense: Client charged in Oregon with assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. Victim left unattended and almost bled to death. Client charged and held on $1 million bail.
Settlement: Immediate release of client negotiated while charges pending, plea to a misdemeanor, no jail time, case expunged.

Offense: Client charged with possession and possession for sale of methamphetamine.
Settlement: Drug diversion, charges dismissed.

Offense: Elderly man charged with molesting 3-year-old girl.
Settlement: Plea to a misdemeanor, no sex registration, 60 days in the sex education program.

Offense: Felony drunk driving arising from a head-on collision with severe injuries to victim and defendant.
Settlement: Case dismissed.

Offense: Felony drunk driving with severe injuries to passengers and occupants of another car.
Settlement: Misdemeanor plea. Client charged with assault with knife, victim injured, transported to hospital.


Offense: Medical doctor investigated by FBI/District Attorney’s Office for over $1 million in illegal billing with harm alleged to patients.
Settlement: No filing state or federal.

Offense: Clients charged with practicing medicine without a license.
Settlement: No charges filed.

Offense: Client investigated for false advertising with numerous victims claiming tens of thousands of dollars in losses.
Settlement: No filing.

Offense: Client arrested for prostitution at massage parlor.
Settlement: No charges filed.

Case Results: Practices
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