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633 West 5th Street
28th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071


Mark Waecker was admitted to practice law in October 1978 and has, since that time, been a member of the California State Bar, in continuously good standing.

His stellar experience inside the criminal process field for over 35 years has served American, Korean, Chinese and Spanish speaking clientele all with a high-level of successful custom-designed defenses.

Mark has devoted decades to improving his skills and calls upon reputable experienced resources to design a strategy for each client.

Mark’s success is directly related to the custom defense prepared personally by him for each client. Mark Waecker’s difference is demonstrated in the results he achieves for each client. The difference Mark makes is that he personally handles each case from the initial contact with a client to handling every aspect of the case for that client to a successful conclusion. Mark uses only the best experts in each field specifically when, where, and to the extent required, to support his proven track record for success in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Case dismissals, probationary sentences and dramatic results are routinely achieved from what is expected when he is retained. He travels to crime scenes, accident sites and areas where the personal inspection of evidence will aid in the defense of a client.

Usually it’s not possible for a client to communicate directly with law enforcement officers to avoid arrest leading to prosecution… so it’s Mark’s role to intercede on a client’s behalf, communicate with law enforcement and, quite frequently, actually avoid an arrest and resulting prosecution. Mark will personally be your liaison with any law enforcement or agency investigation.

Many of Mark’s clients have sought his legal guidance immediately following an arrest while still incarcerated. Those clients use the clock to their advantage, as time is still on their side. Acting quickly and efficiently, Mark Waecker will use assertive strategies to have cases dismissed or substantially reduce potential consequences.

Clients who have been arrested and charged should act immediately in order to prevent the charges from expanding and other jurisdictions from filing additional charges.

Mark’s committed team uses the most advanced scientific technique and modern technology to perform investigations, witness interviews, and evidence analysis in order to ensure the best criminal defense available, custom designed for each client.

Mark’s commitment to superior performance and results consistently achieves favorable settlements or dismissals. If charged with a crime call or Email Mark Waecker immediately to start a proper and effective defense.

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The American Institute of Legal Council is an impartial third-party attorney rating organization recognizing excellence of fellow practitioners in the field. They compile an exclusive list of the “10 Best” Attorneys for each State. The “10 Best” is a prestigious honor for the Attorney as each Attorney must meet specific criteria. More information on their selection process can be found on their website,

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